Aude Boubaker-Calder

Our Prospective Council Candidate for the West Fife and Coastal Villages is Aude Boubaker-Calder.

Aude was originally born in Brussels in Belgium and studied Non-Profit Communications and Lifelong Learning at IHECS (a Communications-centred University in Brussels). It was when she was at IHECS that she met her future husband, James, who was working there at the time. While in her studies she worked in various organisations, including the British Film Institute. After completing her studies she moved over to Fife to be with James and worked in various settings such as BEMIS Scotland, the lead umbrella for Ethnic Minorities based in Glasgow.

Aude now works both as a Self-Employed Communications consultant with her own business (with both clients based in Scotland and internationally) as well as working part time in a local independent shop.

Aude first became interested in Scottish politics during the Independence Referendum in 2014, where she campaigned for the Better Together campaign due to her internationalist outlook and the parallels she saw between the SNP and nationalists in her home country of Belgium. Afterwards she joined the Liberal Democrats as they were the one Party that she felt supported diversity and being outward looking in Scotland.

If elected as a Councillor for the West Fife and Coastal villages, her priorities are putting local people and communities first, ensuring the best possible education for both adults and children, improving local public transport and working to deal with damaged pavements and roads to make them accessible for all including people with disabilities.