Today the Liberal Democrats launched their manifesto for the General Election. The manifesto offers the chance to Change Britain’s Future and offers a positive alternative to the Tories and their hard-Brexit agenda as well as Labour’s inability to oppose them.

Some of the pledges include:

  • To oppose the Conservatives’ hard-Brexit agenda by avoiding a disastrous Single Market exit and giving people, not politicians, the final say on the Brexit deal.
  • Opposing Scottish independence and instead delivering  stronger devolution powers.
  • Investing extra in our schools and NHS

James Calder, Scottish Liberal Democrat Candidate for Dunfermline has commented, “The Scottish Liberal Democrats are the only Party that offers an alternative to regressive nationalism. The SNP obsess about independence, the Tories pander to xenophobia and an economically damaging agenda, and Labour are nowhere to be seen! If you want a brighter future which is based on hope rather than using fear and xenophobia. then the Scottish Liberal Democrats are your best possible choice here in Dunfermline.”

James Calder with Scottish Lib Dem Leader Willie Rennie

James Calder with Scottish Lib Dem Leader Willie Rennie

The Scottish Liberal Democrat manifesto, Be the Best Again, has been published today. This sets out Lib Dem priorities for the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections, including education, NHS and policing.

James Calder, Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate for Dunfermline, has welcomed  the manifesto, saying, “Be the Best Again sets out our priorities for Scotland, and I firmly believe this presents a vision for a fairer, more prosperous society.

“The penny for education will ensure that Scotland’s education standards that have declined under the SNP will be the best again. We have also made commitments to deal with the GP crisis in the NHS, ensure mental health has parity and that democracy is brought back to policing.

“The manifesto will be good for Dunfermline, good for Fife and good for Scotland.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie commented, “The Liberal Democrats are back to our best. Scotland should be the best again too.

“Our programme for Scotland is ambitious and progressive. We are offering the biggest investment in education since devolution, new plans for mental health services, new laws to guarantee our civil liberties and new investment so we can exceed our climate change targets.”


Key Manifesto Pledges:

  • A Penny for Education – we have proposed a penny for education to reverse education cuts, support our colleges, pay for a pupil premium to ensure every child reaches their potential and more Nursery places. This is a real investment in our future.
  • An NHS Fit for the Future – tackle the GP  crisis in Scotland by recruiting and training more GPs as well as giving mental healthcare the same support as physical healthcare.
  • Protecting our Environment – Encouraging warm homes to make them more energy efficient, low carbon transport and maintaining the commitment to make 100% of our energy needs renewable.
  • Restoring freedoms – We want to reverse the relentless centralisation to Holyrood, bring back traditional local policing and restore our civil liberties including opposing the SNP’s Super ID Database and the Conservatives’ Snooper’s Charter.
  • Freedom for the Public  Sector – ending top-down targets from Holyrood so that public sector has the freedom to work for the best way with the Community.

You can read the manifesto here.