Local Event


The Dunfermline Lib Dem team at the street stall


Last Saturday, May 12th, the Dunfermline Liberal Democrats held a street stall on Dunfermline’s High Street near the entrance to Kingsgate. Cllr James Calder and other members of the local party were there gathering signatures for our petition against the permanent closure of the out of hours GP service at Queen Margaret Hospital. Sign the petition

This issue greatly effects the people of Dunfermline and West Fife where there is a growing population and yet the health services in the area are consistently being run down. We had great support from the public and gained hundreds of signatures on just the first day of the petition. You can read more about this issue and Cllr Calder’s response to it here.

Cllr Calder was also able to meet with some of his constituents and discuss local issues such as the parking charges put in at the Park and Ride, introduced by the SNP/Labour Administration, as well as the state of the roads in some residential areas.

Throughout the day there was continued interest and appreciation that we are addressing the concerns of the local community.




Cllr Jane Ann Liston reciting a Scottish song


On Friday the 26th, the Dunfermline Liberal Democrats had their annual Burn’s supper in Limekilns, Gellet Hall.

Everyone enjoyed their haggis, neeps, and tatties, after listening to Bryan Little address the haggis. Others took turns reciting Scottish poems and songs as well. After the meal there was a raffle to help raise funds for campaigning. A great time was had by all and haste ye back!

by Aude Boubaker

The only thing I knew about Robert Burns was his famous song “Auld Lang Syne” that I sang every 31st December to celebrate the end of the year. With the Dunfermline Liberal Democrats, we organised on Saturday 23rd January at one of our member’s house, Anne O’Brien, what would be my first Burns Supper and I was at the point to discover another part of the Scottish culture.

Some of you will certainly shout aloud that the Burns Night has to be celebrated on the 25th January but for the comfort of everybody we went a bit ahead and honoured Robert Burns work on the 23rd. Our lovely hard-working hostess Anne O’Brien spent the day (and the week) to prepare for 26 people who gathered in her charming house near the centre of Dunfermline.

As the time came, people installed themselves chatting about the last news in the Party until everybody who booked has arrived.


Jim Burke, member of our committee, invited the guests to join him for what I call a really strange (but rather humorous) tradition: reciting The Address to a Haggis.

Even though I didn’t understand a word of it (I am not yet fully fluent in Scots sorry), it was quite a fascinating to see people listening respectfully the animated monologue he served us.

The question you will — without doubt — ask me is “And? Did you eat it?“. And my answer is Yes! Not only I ate this delicious haggis but served myself twice. In addition to it, I would like to give a special mention to Jim Burke’s Neeps and Tatties with his secret ingredient (if you want to know it, you will have to come to our next Burns Supper!). We continued with the delicious desserts made, amongst others, by Anne O’Brien and Wendy Chamberlain.

After filling our stomachs, it was time to fill our mind by some Burns poetry read by Teresa Little. And once again, everybody was listening to her religiously.

We finished our night by a prize draw and a speech of the Dunfermline Liberal Democrats convenor, James Calder preparing ourselves for the months coming.

And then? How did you find it?

I found this celebration really entertaining. I discovered a bit more of the Scottish culture, enjoyed good food and was surprised how a writer can gather people around a simple dinner. You will never stop to fascinate me, Scottish people!

Mind and stomach filled we are all ready to tackle the next few months campaigning for our candidates.