Bryn will champion Mental Health

One in four Scots will suffer from a mental health issue in their lifetime.

Bryn Jones writes: “Key targets in Fife are being missed: at least 90% of Psychological Therapy patients are meant to start treatment within 18 weeks of referral, but in Fife only 71% get seen that quickly, compared with 97% in the Highlands. It’s just not acceptable that those with mental health problems in Fife are having to wait longer than elsewhere.”

“My priority as a council candidate is to fight for better services.”

The time for action is now.

Scottish Liberal Democrats are committed to improving mental health. We want to double the funding for Child and Adolescent Mental Health services. And we want an expansion in mental health provision within primary care.

Mental health services have been neglected for too long. The time for action is now.

Bryn Jones

Bryn Jones, Cowdenbeath’s Candidate

One in four Scots will suffer from a mental health issue in their lifetime.

If you’re reading this now, there’s every chance that you or somebody you love have faced a problem like this at some point. And those who have will know one thing: the treatment of mental health in Scotland still has a long way to come.

Suicide remains one of the biggest killers of men aged 20 to 34. UK businesses lose £30.3bn a year due to staff sickness with mental health causes, and depression/anxiety are some of the most common reasons we go and see a GP.

And yet not every GP surgery has a mental health specialist. Key targets in Fife are being missed. 90% of patients should start psychological therapy treatment within 18 weeks of referral, but in Fife only 71% get seen that quickly, compared with 95% in Glasgow. It’s just not acceptable that those with mental problems in Fife are waiting so long for treatment.

My vow is to fight to put mental health on top of the political agenda, and I will fight so that Fife gets its fair share. Mental health problems can be just as painful, just as lethal and just devastating for those who suffer as a physical illness. But we can treat mental illness too, if we invest in treating it.

If you agree with me, you need to vote for the person and the party who will fight for this change. Vote for me, Willie Rennie and the Lib Dems.

James at the Queen Margaret Hospital

James at the Queen Margaret Hospital

James Calder, Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate for Dunfermline, has called for the Scottish Government to give parity to mental healthcare treatment after speaking to constituents in the area who have discussed their problems accessing adequate treatment.

James has commented, “Mental Health is critically important and it is simply unacceptable that mental healthcare has gone backwards over the last few years under the SNP Government. We need to see more done to ensure Mental Health is taken seriously.

“I have heard concerns from the people of West Fife regarding this. One constituent told me that they had to wait over six months to see a mental health professional after going to their GP. This is a completely unacceptable state of affairs.

“If elected, I would fight to ensure Mental Health is taken seriously by the Scottish Government.”

James in his fencing kit

James dressed for fencing

Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate for Dunfermline James Calder is backing campaigning for sport to be made top of the agenda in the Scottish Parliament. Due to it’s importance in encouraging healthy living, James would like to see much greater emphasis placed on Scottish Sport.

James commented, “Sport is important for all, both adults and children alike. As someone who has competed for Scottish age group teams in fencing, I know the importance of sport in helping people’s health and fitness. I would like to see more support and encouragement given to encourage community sport, so that as many people as possible can benefit from the opportunities that I have had. We also need to build on the legacy of the highly successful Commonwealth Games two years ago, as well as the achievements of Scottish Sporting success stories such as the Murray brothers in tennis.”

“For these reasons I am backing the Vote for Sport Pledge – ‘I pledge as a Sporting Champion to recognise the unique role, value and potential of sport in Scottish Society.’ I will continue to campaign for sport to be at the forefront of the political agenda.”

James at the Queen Margaret Hospital

James at the Queen Margaret Hospital

James Calder, prospective Parliamentary candidate for Dunfermline has called for better investment in NHS Fife. Deficiencies have included a big shortage of GPs in Fife leading to long waiting times for patients.

James has commented, “Under the SNP, the NHS in Scotland has gone backwards, is underfunded and has not had the care it needs. Frontline staff in NHS Fife have been doing  fantastic job considering the limited resources they have, but I call on the Scottish Government to do more to help them.”

“We need a Scottish Government that will do more –  people in Fife and Scotland deserve better!”

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie also mentioned, “I have conducted a survey of all GPs and have raised the issue with the First Minister in Parliament. I believe the SNP took their eye off the ball and I am backing a plan to recruit over 700 GPs in 5 years.”


Willie Rennie

Willie Rennie

One in four people will suffer some form of mental illness in their life. People know the treatment is hard to get. By taking a national lead, the Liberal Democrats want to tackle the stigma faced by people and also set a direction to increase treatment.

Scottish Lib Dem Leader Willie Rennie is campaigning to make sure mental health in Scotland is given parity with physical health. He also wants a big increase in psychological therapies, sometimes called ‘talking therapies’.  These are proven to be the best way to help most people.

The SNP Government have cut 600 psychologists and nurses in the last five years.  Willie Rennie says “More staff should be recruited and trained staff should be on hand at A&E departments for people who need urgent help.”

“The latest official statistics have shown that the SNP Government continues to miss its own targets for treating young people with mental health problems. More than one in five young people, thousands every year, are waiting longer than the target and many wait more than six months for a first appointment.”

Lib Dems only party with plan to fill NHS funding gap

The Lib Dems have committed to increase the money available for the Scottish health service by £800 million.

They are the only party to do so, as part of a fuly costed plan to give £8bn yo UK services. Both Labour and the Conservatives refuse to commit to the extra funding our NHS needs, despite leading doctors warning that it is essential.

Senior Lib Dems Charles Kennedy said, “We want to build a fairer society and that’s why we are committed to giving the NHS the funding it needs to cope with the future challenges of an increasing population and people living longer.”

A senior Conservaitvie has even admitted that NHS spending may have to be CUT under George Osborne’s plans to cut deeper and faster after the election.