General Election

Scottish Lib Dem Leader Willie Rennie with Dunfermline South Candidate James Calder

Scottish Lib Dem Leader Willie Rennie with Dunfermline South Candidate James Calder

Today the Scottish Liberal Democrats have unveiled a manifesto showing both the Party’s progress in Government and vision of the future. At a small gathering in South Queensferry, eschewing the pomp of other Parties, Willie Rennie, Jo Swinson and Mike Crockart unveiled the manifesto in a local business.

The Scottish Lib Dem Manifesto has prioritised making our country have a stronger economy in a fairer society, avoiding lurching too far to the left like Labour, or the right, like the Tories. It also promises to transfer more powers to Scotland without taking it too far like the SNP’s damaging policies, as well as providing free childcare for all two-years olds by 2020 and to fight climate change with five new green laws.

Willie Rennie, MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife, as well as Scottish Lib Dem leader, has commented, saying,

‘Liberal Democrats are driven by our ambition of creating opportunity for all. Our prospectus to the people of Scotland is proudly Liberal Democrat. Standing on the record of progress in government and vision of the future. In just five years we have got the economy back on track and done so fairly.  We are now closer to our ambition of creating opportunity for everyone.  But with wins for the Liberal Democrat in this election we can make it a decade of opportunity.’

‘With Liberal Democrats we can create opportunity for children by investing in education especially in the early years. With Liberal Democrats we can create opportunity for everyone by investing £800million in our NHS and bring mental health care to the fore. With Liberal Democrats we can create opportunity for workers by creating even more jobs and cutting their taxes too. With Liberal Democrats we can create opportunity for Scotland by delivering more powers to the Scottish Parliament.’

‘These are Liberal Democrat ambitions because they build a stronger economy and a fairer society, in a stronger Scotland. It is a positive offer to create a decade of opportunity for everyone in our country.’

You can read the Scottish Lib Dem Manifesto here.

GillianThe Dunfermline Liberal Democrats have selected Gillian Cole-Hamilton as their candidate for the General Election for Dunfermline.

Gillian’s background is working as a Primary School teacher and had also helped organise a convoy of educational aid to Kosovo while she was a student, asssisting Muslim children who were denied the right to education during the period of conflict there.

Gillian has declared ‘Having had a great history as a Liberal Democrat seat while Willie Rennie was the local MP, I am really excited to be standing for Dunfermline at the General Election. My priorities are to stand up for the people of Dunfermline and also to use my experience in education to campaign to make sure our children get the best teaching possible.’