Willie Rennie and Bryn Jones are campaigning for better education

The SNP have come under fire as Scotland’s schools have recorded their worst ever performance in an international survey of pupils.

Scotland’s scores for maths, reading and science have all declined in the latest PISA figures. Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said, “After 10 years of SNP rule, we are not even as good as England anymore.”

The Liberal Democrats propose a ‘Penny for Education’ to support a Pupil Premium, an expansion in nursery education, reversal of college cuts and stopping school cuts.

Mr Rennie said: “Liberal Democrats have an ambitious plan to get Scotland back on track by making the biggest investment in education since devolution.”

Prospective Council Candidate Bryn Jones brings the campaign to Dunfermline North. Bryn says, “Scottish parents expect world leading schools. As a father and a council candidate, it is my ambition to see Scotland rise up the rankings and be the best in the world.”

Woodmill High School

James Calder will make sure that schools such as Woodmill High School are not overcrowded for a better education.

Over the next few years projected figures have shown that Woodmill High School will be operating considerably over-capacity, as Dunfermline faces a schools crisis. Over the next decade it will find itself under current trends with 500 more pupils than it is currently designed for.

James Calder has commented, “The Fife Council administration has been sitting on their hands too long when it comes to schools in Dunfermline. We are facing the prospect of severe overcrowding in our schools and this will badly affect our children’s education.

We need to see action now from Fife Council to make sure Woodmill High School is not overcrowded. This would be helped if the SNP Government matched the Scottish Liberal Democrat commitment to increase our funding of education to the tune of £500 million a year which they have so far refused to do.

James at the Fife College Campus in Dunfermline

James at the Fife College Campus in Dunfermline

James Calder is backing the Scottish Liberal Democrat plan for a penny in education. This will me that those with the means to afford it will pay 1p in the pound more to boost education funding in Scotland by almost £500 million. After years of underfunding under the SNP Government, James feels this will have a great benefit to schools and colleges in the local area.

James has commented, “With family and friends of mine working in the education sector, I know fully well how badly underfunded these have become as a direct result of the poor funding settlement that our Councils, including Fife, have received from the SNP after its Council Tax freeze policy. College places have been cut, schools closed and there has been increased pressure on those working in the education profession. Something must be done.”

Our proposal is that we will invest in our children’s future by having those who can afford it to pay a 1p in the pound rise in income tax. This will raise the money we need to pay for increased childcare, a Pupil Premium to help disadvantaged pupils, more for our schools and also increased college places. This will pay dividends in the future and ensure a world class education service in Scotland which the SNP have been putting at risk.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader and list Candidate for Mid Scotland and Fife Willie Rennie also mentioned, “To be the best again Scottish education needs transformational investment. The Liberal Democrats have been crystal clear about our plans to use the tax powers of the Scottish Parliament to achieve investment of £475m in our education system.”

You can read more about the Scottish Liberal Democrat Education plans here.