profile pic retouchFor James Calder, the most important thing is to know what the people of Dunfermline South want. As a result, James has produced an online survey that residents can let him know what is important to them.


James commented ´In my opinion the most important thing for a local Councillor to do is to represent their constituents in Council. I would like to continuously engage with everyone in Dunfermline South to find out what is important to them. I have made this survey to find out what people would like and would encourage everyone in Dunfermline South to fill it in.


`If elected I would make a point of continuing this engagement.´


If you want to fill in the survey please go to

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Over the past few years, it cannot escape anyone’s attention that Dunfermline has lost some of its character and vibrancy. This needs to be reversed.

There are far too many problems like dangerous pavements, which pose a serious safety risk for many, as well as potholes which left unchecked, could cost the Council more money in the long-terms as compensating for car repairs becomes inevitable.

James has mentioned ‘More needs to be done to make Dunfermline better. The town centre has become drab and there are far too many problems like potholes on the roads. We need Dunfermline to get the investment it deserves. A certain amount can be done through self-help measures, but these will be greatly assisted by Council investment. The floral displays are good, but more is needed.

Please comment below or contact James by his email ( if you have any suggestions or ideas on how the Council can make Dunfermline better. James would also like to know if you have any damage to your street and would be delighted to come and chat.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have today announced that Fifer Susan Leslie has been selected as their candidate for the Dunfermline parliamentary by-election.

The selection was formally announced by Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore MP in his speech to Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow.

Susan Leslie is a university lecturer who was elected as a councillor in 2007.

Speaking after the announcement, Councillor Susan Leslie said:

Willie Rennie and Jim Tolson got things done for local people and stood up for the area. That’s what Dunfermline will get if they elect me as the new MSP for the area.

We need action on the Victoria and Queen Margaret Hospitals, action to create more jobs, improved childcare and a reversal of the cuts to the college.

The SNP have let the area down. It’s time to return to the kind of action and service provided by Jim and Willie.

I will work with Willie in Parliament to make sure Dunfermline and west Fife gets the service it deserves.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP said:

Susan’s record and commitment to Fife is impressive. We’re going to work hard for every vote and remind people how powerful a force Lib Dems are for their community.

I’ve campaigned for Susan in her Council ward and I know how hard she works and how well she is liked. She will be a fantastic candidate.

The by-election, to be held on 24 October, was caused by the resignation of Bill Walker who bowed to public pressure 16 days after his conviction for 23 violent offences against 4 women.


Source: (Caron Lindsay)

Joe Rosiejak - Lib Dem candidate for Dunfermline Central


Councillor Joe Rosiejak has welcomed the continuing development of the city chambers on the High Street, which has been recently re-opened.

Joe commented “It’s great to see the City Chambers finally being used. Once the scaffolding comes down, it will look fantastic. Gargoyles that used to be on Dunfermline Palace that are hundreds of years old have been discovered.

“I would like to see continued development of the town centre, and would like to see the open space being used for civic reasons. Staff are doing a great job in cleaning up Dunfermline, and if you see scaffolding and roadworks going,  something is being fixed.”