West Fifers were hit by the disastrous Forth Road Bridge closure last December. Scottish Lib Dem candidate James Calder is calling for the Scottish Government to ensure that local businesses are properly compensated and that all of the bridges over the Forth are properly funded and maintained.

James has said, “It’s not enough to push under the carpet the issue of the Forth Road Bridge. We cannot afford to have a repeat in the future, including when the Queensferry Crossing is completed. Lessons must be learned and maintenance funding should be enough the Forth Bridges.

“We also need to make sure all businesses in Fife that have been hit by this are properly compensated. If elected I will continuously work to ensure the Bridges are given the support they need.”

Local Candidate James Calder at Amazon with Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie

Local Candidate James Calder at Amazon with Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have campaigned for big businesses that receive Government grants to pay fair wages and also pay fair taxes. Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie was joined with local Liberal Democrat candidate James Calder and other campaigners today outside the Amazon base in Dunfermline demanding that changes are made. In 2014 Amazon paid only £11 million in tax despite earning £5.3 billion in British sales.

Speaking outside Amazon today Mr Rennie said: “For Scotland to be a fairer society where everyone has the chance to get up and get on there cannot be one set of rules for massive corporations and another for everyone else.

“Tax avoidance rules and paying workers fairly should apply to both the Davids and the Goliaths of the business world. But at the moment corporations like Amazon are being rewarded for failing to pay their workers properly and for only paying measly levels of tax.

“If the other political parties are committed to reducing wealth inequality in Scotland, they should be guaranteeing that they will not dole out taxpayer support to these kind of corporations.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats will not pay government grants to companies if they do not pay the Living Wage or their taxes.”

Local candidate James Calder has added: “Many in the constituency will be disappointed to hear that despite receiving so much Government funding, Amazon locally does not pay many of its workers fair wages or enough in taxes.

“We need to see a change in attitude in employers such as Amazon who receive huge levels of Government support – if they do not pay fair wages and taxes, they should not get grants!”

James with campaigners at Amazon

James with campaigners at Amazon