The Dunfermline #INTogether campaign team

The Dunfermline Team


Dunfermline Liberal Democrats have a long tradition of helping the people of Dunfermline. We currently have strong councillor represention in the Dunfermline area. This page details the membership of the Dunfermline Liberal Democrats Executive Committee. On our website you can also read about our campaigns, our news and also about our elected representatives.

Our Committee

Convenor: Russel McPhate

Vice Convenor: Bryn Jones

Treasurer: Tom Leatherland

Secretary: Jill Blair

Membership Secretary: Aude Boubaker-Calder

Campaign’s Secretary: James Calder

Fundraising Secretary: Lauren Jones

Press Secretary: Emma Chan

Ordinary Members: Anne O’Brien, Tony Martin,  Beryl Leatherland,  Teresa Little, Wendy Chamberlain, Matthew Hall, Joanna Cockburn