Monthly Archives: February 2018

In August 2017 Fife Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson, Councillor James Calder, raised the issue that Fife Council paid less than the Scottish average for the school uniform grant for children of lower incomes. The proposed budget by the Fife Council Administration would provide an increase of £200,000 for the grant and this has been welcomed by James Calder.

Councillor Calder has said, “Last year I uncovered that Fife paid both below the Scottish average and the £70 recommended by the Scottish Government for the school uniform grant and I subsequently raised this at the Council. I am delighted that the Fife Council Administration has taken heed of this and are proposing in their budget to increase the funding.

“This funding plays an important part of decreasing the cost of the school day for many families with lower incomes. This will be welcomed by many.

“It is my hope that Fife Council will continue to put in measures to help reduce the cost of the school day. I will continue to call for measures to help in this and also for the Council to build on this welcome increase in the school uniform grant. This would ensure that we would be one of the leading local authorities in making school affordable for all.”