Tomorrow, the British citizens are going to decide the fate of their nation. This will influence the future not only of the UK but also of the continent and the world where we and our children are going to grow.

Here in the UK, we like to drink a good French wine or Belgian/German beer, eat pasta from Italy or oranges from Spain. These are everyday examples and that all thanks to Globalisation.

I know that Globalisation is often regarded as the big swear word in the mouth of a lot of so-called patriotic politicians who claim the “loss and preservation of British identity”. This process has existed for centuries now but it boomed during the last one thanks to the advancement in technology, transportation and, of course, migration. Nowadays, we can all see the benefits of it. It helped the quality of our life in various aspects such as

  • science (including medicine) and research. Researchers worldwide are working together to explore new topics and find cures to the diseases which harm us in order to make the world a better place;
  • The interactivity between cultures giving the opportunity to understand people around the world and to be able to help others when problems arise. This giving a thought about how knowledge is shared and give benefit to our own culture.
  • Economically, living in a globalised world allow us to benefit of an almost free trade not only for goods but also skills thanks to migration.

I could quote way more example of a globalised world but it will miss the point I want to do today.

As one of 3 millions immigrants of the EU, I live, work and build my life over here. I mean as an Expatriate of the EU (why talking about British expatriate in the EU and EU immigrants in the UK – another negative comment about us. Let’s put everybody at the same level) Since the beginning of this Referendum campaign, my unfortunate companions and I are treated like we were vermin by the Leave campaign. They advance we are taking the money and the jobs of the good British people.

Let me get my/our voice out before The Big Day as I will be voiceless tomorrow. I am resident of the UK, I pay my taxes and participate in the British economy. I did my studies in Brussels, did an unpaid internship in London and had to pay with my own money my food and accommodation. When the time was to move in a definitive way, I registered myself as a job seeker and had to follow the rule and weekly appointment without getting any benefits from the UK government. I survived with my fiancé with one small salary while I was doing small temporary part-time jobs which didn’t give me access to any benefit in-between jobs (not enough NI contribution they said).

After 2 years of looking for a professional job, a lot of discrimination at all levels, I am finally settled with my first career job and preparing our wedding in Scotland.

Making things short, I struggled my way in the UK and now I am taking part of its economy. I never stole money from you, British citizens, as the so-called politicians of the Leave campaign and I am just a full benefit to the British economy.

When you are going to the polling station tomorrow think of what Britain could look like if the 3 millions of EU Expatriates living here stopped working at once and how badly it could impact the UK if we are closing the boundaries becoming isolationists and not expansionists. Look at us and not what “they” say about us.

Do you want to teach your (future) children to working in harmony or in fear of each other? Me… I know my answer… But I won’t be able to express it tomorrow.

The choice is yours… For you, for me, for the UK.

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