James Calder wants action on the new Forth Crossing

James Calder wants action on the new Forth Crossing

It has been announced by the Scottish Government today that the construction of the new Forth Crossing has been delayed, several weeks after the election. This has raised concerns of many in Fife after the disaster of the Forth Road Bridge closure last year.

Dunfermline Liberal Democrats Convenor has raised his concerns, commenting, “Last year we saw what happened when the Bridge closed down, and like many in Dunfermline I view this latest development with concern.”

“We need to ensure the Scottish Government explain fully how this has come to place after being assured until recently that the Bridge construction was on time. We also need to make sure the Forth Road Bridge is given the maintenance funding it needs so that we do not find ourselves without a crossing to Edinburgh again.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie also commented, “The long predicted delay of the construction of the new Forth crossing has finally been admitted by the SNP Government.”

“They tell us it is a coincidence that this has been announced just weeks after the Scottish elections.”

“And now they have been unable to explain why just 25 days lost due to bad weather means that the opening of the crossing has been delayed by 180 days. “

“We need the urgent publication of the documents associated with this delay. People deserve answers.”