James Calder and Bryn Jones next to a site of EU Investment in Dunfermline

James Calder and Bryn Jones next to a site of EU Investment in Dunfermline

Dunfermline and West Fife has benefited in a number of ways through membership of the European Union. This includes direct funding from the EU, including a recent grant from the European Structural and Investment funds of £4.5 million to boost employment and overcome barriers to finding work to the Fife region.

The funds  that have been awarded will help Fife Council run programmes to grow small and medium-sized enterprises as well help get people back to work, and will have wider benefits as a result on the local economy. This is just one example of the huge level of support Fife has received over the years, evidenced by the numerous signs showing EU support across the area such as the one that James Calder and Bryn Jones are pictured next to above.

Dunfermline Liberal Democrats Convenor James Calder has said, “A lot has been said by the Leave campaign about how much we pay in for our membership of the EU, but they neglect to say how much we get back. It is estimated for every pound we pay into the EU we get £10 back.”

“In West Fife there have been many examples of direct spending by the EU locally over the years. This recent tranche of European funding to help boost employment locally will be a welcome boost when local jobs are lost in places like Longannet.”

“What the backers of the Leave Campaign also don’t want you to know is also all the indirect benefits of being in the EU for the local economy. Not only do British businesses have access to a Single Market of 500 million people to sell their goods to, but the EU has also negotiated Free Trade Agreements with over 50 countries. It would take the UK years with much less clout to negotiate the same and would almost certainly result in damage to the economy.”

“For a stronger economy to ensure more jobs and investment in Fife and across the UK, I am strongly support the campaign to remain in the EU and would urge others of each political persuasion to do so too.”