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Cowdenbeath Candidate Bryn Jones

Cowdenbeath Candidate Bryn Jones

On the 5 th of May you will be asked to vote on the composition of Scotland’s next parliament. You will be asked to vote on how the NHS is run, how education is funded, and how the police operate. You will be asked to choose who governs Scotland, and who the voices of opposition are.

There is only one party that has pledged an investment of over £500 million a year for education. There is only one party that will train enough mental health professionals for every GP surgery in Scotland. There is only one party that will build 40,000 new houses for social renting, so that people can live without the fear of the spiralling cost of renting. That party is the Liberal Democrats.

Recent polls show that the Lib Dems are set to grow in this election, and that’s no surprise, Willie Rennie has a strong record of holding the SNP to account. Whether it’s the scandalous way the SNP have handled Police Scotland, or how they have taken their eyes off the ball with our public services, Willie has been a powerful force in the last parliament. Our MSPs have been the most rigorous in scrutinising the government. On average our MSPs asked 483 written questions each, compare that with the Tories who only managed 201 written questions each over the same period of time.

The more Liberal Democrat MSPs you elect, the closer Scotland gets to being the country with the best education system in the world. And the closer we get to having a health system that gets mental health treatment right.

Vote for me to for a powerful voice for Cowdenbeath. And vote Liberal Democrat to send Willie Rennie back into parliament, where the fight for a more liberal, fairer Scotland continues.