James Calder and Willie Rennie want to move past the independence debate

James Calder and Willie Rennie want to move past the independence debate

The subject of independence came up again at the Scottish Election Television Debate on Sunday, and once again the subject of independence came up. Like most people in Scotland, Lib Dem candidate James Calder wants to move on from this debate and get on with the business of improving our public services.

James has said, “Not only have the SNP taken their eye off the ball, but they seem to flagrantly want to disregard the settled will of the Scottish people. We made the democratic choice to stay in the UK. The Tories are not any better, all they seem to want to do is rehash the same old arguments and put their Party above the country by keeping the same divisions going.

“It was telling that Willie Rennie got the biggest cheer of the debate when he told Nicola Sturgeon that she was being anti-democratic when she keeps refusing to respect the will of the Scottish people. We need a Government that will work on fixing the problems caused by the SNP in schools, colleges, health, local services and policing. Not a Government that wants to keep on pushing the same old divisive constitutional debate and even try to force through another referendum.

“I urge people in Dunfermline to vote Lib Dem twice to make sure we move past the divisions of the past few years to create a better future.”

You can watch Willie saying to Nicola to respect the results of the referendum in the video below.