The Dunfermline #INTogether campaign team

The Dunfermline #INTogether campaign team

The Dunfermline Liberal Democrat campaign to keep Britain in the EU launched today on the High Street. A stand was run by both local Party members, people from further afield ho wished to help as well as other enthusiastic volunteers who want support a vote to keep Britain in EU who have joined the #INTogether campaign.

Dunfermline Liberal Democrat convenor James Calder commented, “It was great to launch the #INTogether campaign to keep the UK in Europe today in Dunfermline. We had a great reception from people who support all sorts of different political Parties, and we wanted to emphasise that this is an issue that requires us all to work together in.

“It was nice to see many people signing our petition to keep Britain in the EU. Most people I spoke to want us to stay in and a few undecided voters were happy to chat too.

“EU membership supports many jobs in our membership of the single market which businesses such as the one I work for can export too. It helps to keep prices down for our families due to our low cost of trading with our neighbours. We are also more secure as we can work with our friends around the continent to help fight crime and terrorism.

“If anyone wants to join our campaign in Fife to keep Britain in the EU then please let me know. You can contact me”