Bryn Jones

Bryn Jones, Cowdenbeath’s Candidate

I believe it’s time to move on from the referendum and get back to focusing on what matters. While we continue to focus on the prospect of a second referendum, Scotland’s public services will continue to slip. The most pressing matter on my mind is not what Scotland’s constitution will look like in 5 years, it’s what Cowdenbeath Primary School and Queen Margaret Hospital will look like in 5 years.

I got into politics to transform people’s lives and let people realise their ambitions. It’s for that reason my top priority for Cowdenbeath is investment in our schools. We’ve seen Scotland’s schools slip down the international performance league, and it’s time we turn this around. I will push for investment in early years education and defend our colleges places from further cuts, so that every Scot has the chance to develop the skills we need for the future.

Over the last parliament the Lib Dems and Willie Rennie have been a strong voice against the SNP’s handling of Scotland’s affairs. We led the fight against the centralisation of Scotland’s police, fought against the SNP’s plans to use our health records to create an ID database and have kept the plight of those with mental health problems high on the agenda.

Scotland needs Liberal voices in its parliament. It needs a voice to fight against power being taken away from local communities and to fight for every Scot to be able to achieve. My fundamental vision for Scotland is for it to become a place where any individual can achieve anything, limited only by their effort, talent and character.

Scotland needs a liberal voice to fight for this vision. If elected I will be that liberal voice for Cowdenbeath.