Last week the Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference took place in Bournemouth. The first Conference since both the General Election and also the election of Tim Farron as our new Party Leader, this featured inspiring speeches from a number of figures, including of course Tim as well as Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie.With Britain facing illiberal Governments in both Westminster and Holyrood, the theme of the Conference naturally focussed on the importance of liberalism and the Liberal Democrats in a society where the politics of division and fear were allowed to take centre stage in the General Election.

Tim Farron, in his first Conference speech since becoming Party Leader, discussed a number of topics, including his own background to becoming a Liberal, our contribution in the last Government, the importance on speaking up for the poor and disadvantaged, the upcoming EU referendum and the current refugee crisis.

Tim noted our Government achievements, including lifting millions of the poorest workers out of income tax altogether, legalising same-sex marriage, free school meals for millions of children and of course helping to make Britain the fastest growing economy in the G7.

After he continued to mention where we as Liberal Democrats are looking to achieve in the future – including improving rail infrastructure, increasing affordable housing, having Britain take a more liberal and caring stance towards refugees, working towards keeping Britain in the EU in the upcoming referendum, supporting green initiatives and of course making sure we are in a position of power to ensure a Liberal future.

You can watch Tim’s speech in the video above.

Willie Rennie’s speech focussed on a number of issues facing Scotland currently. This includes failures in Scotland’s mental health services, policing and education under the SNP Government, as well as the SNP’s illiberal plans for the Super ID database. He then continued to discuss Liberal Democrat plans for the 2016 Scottish election. This includes getting Mental Health taken seriously, restoring democracy to Scottish policing, empowering public sector workers and bringing childcare and the Pupil Premium to those who need it.

You can read Willie’s speech on this link.