James with a 'Big Belly' bin in Anstruther

James with a ‘Big Belly’ bin in Anstruther

James Calder, by-election candidate for Dunfermline South, has been campaigning for the Council to do more about litter. One of the most obvious ways to deal with this is by additional bin provision, which James has been keen to highlight.

On a recent trip to Anstruther to enjoy the seaside, something else caught James’ eye – the high tech Big Belly bins. After discovering this new innovation, James felt compelled to investigate further.

James has commented, ‘The Big Belly bins in Anstruther use green solar power to compact the waste, in order to reduce the issue of overflowing bins and reduce the necessity to empty bins as often. They also can apparently alert staff as to when the bin is full.’

‘This has obvious implications for helping to reduce litter, as they prevent litter from flying about when it is getting full. While I am sure there is an expensive start-up cost, over the long-term the benefits could be superb if it can help reduce litter problems. This would make Dunfermline a more attractive place to live in the long-run and could also boost its tourism potential if it is a cleaner environment.’