James with Councillor Tony Martin

James with Councillor Tony Martin

Dear Residents,

Over the past few weeks I have been campaigning hard around Dunfermline South. I have managed to speak to people around the ward, including Pitcorthie, Pitreavie, Duloch, Masterton and Abbeyview and I am more determined than ever to ensure that local residents’ voices are heard in Fife Council.

Many issues have been discussed, from the poor state of roads and pavements in some areas, litter problems and how the Council can respond to them as well as issues relating to education and social care. I have also engaged with people online, including using social media as well as an online survey to find out what is important and what the Council needs to improve on.

My focus is always going to be on Residents’ concerns, and I firmly believe that the best Councillors work on behalf of local residents above party politics. I will be delighted to talk to anyone about the issues that matter to them most, with my contact details available below on this message.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this message. Irrespective of how you plan to vote in the General Election, if you would like a councillor who will put the interests of Dunfermline South first, please give me your vote on Thursday.

Yours Sincerely

James Calder

Email: james@dunfermlinelibdems.org.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamescalderlibdem

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jcalderlibdem