James investigating a damaged pavement


Further to our last story on Dunfermline needing a fix, James has continued to campaign on the state of pavements in some areas of the Dunfermline South Ward.

James has mentioned ‘After discussing with various people living in the ward, I get the feeling that the state of the pavements is a serious concern for many. I know from personal experience that a close relative sustained an injury requiring a hospital visit because of this. Elderly people are at serious risk and I think we need to make sure that people’s safety is taken into account by the Council.’

‘I know Councillor Tony Martin has done some great work in campaigning for this and has got some areas of the Ward some desperately needed repairs. If elected I would work with Tony to campaign on getting more of this danger fixed!’

Is there a pavement damaged in your area? If so please either comment below or contact James through the following methods:



Twitter: @jCalderLibDem