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James in his fencing kit

James in his fencing kit
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Dunfermline South By-Election Candidate James Calder has called on Fife Council to offer more support for community sports clubs.

James has been a keen fencer since he was a child, having fenced at Dunfermline Fencing Club for most of his life as well as competing for Scottish and British age group teams. It is this experience that makes James perfectly suited to encouraging development of community sport, especially for children.

James commented ‘I know from my experience as a fencer that sport can play a great role for everyone to live a healthier life. It is especially important for children to get involved in sports from an early age, as this will make them fitter, competitive and more disciplined, helping them later in life.

While Fife Council does already provide some support such as use of facilities and some grants, I think more should be done to both encourage children to take up sport, especially in an extra-curricular sense. More can be done to assist clubs, as often even council facilities can be expensive, and we can maybe offer better deals on Council facilities. This could be done for example as an incentive for clubs to do more in local communities such as giving free demonstration classes to schools.’

I am open to other ideas and dialogue from those involved in the local sports community in Dunfermline, and would encourage anyone from other sports clubs to contact me if they feel they can contribute to this discussion.

Lib Dems only party with plan to fill NHS funding gap

The Lib Dems have committed to increase the money available for the Scottish health service by £800 million.

They are the only party to do so, as part of a fuly costed plan to give £8bn yo UK services. Both Labour and the Conservatives refuse to commit to the extra funding our NHS needs, despite leading doctors warning that it is essential.

Senior Lib Dems Charles Kennedy said, “We want to build a fairer society and that’s why we are committed to giving the NHS the funding it needs to cope with the future challenges of an increasing population and people living longer.”

A senior Conservaitvie has even admitted that NHS spending may have to be CUT under George Osborne’s plans to cut deeper and faster after the election.

James investigates litter

James investigates litter

Litter blighting Dunfermline

Litter blighting Dunfermline

Parts of Dunfermline South has been blighted by litter problems for a number of years, and James Calder is campaigning to get this problem sorted out once and for all.

Areas of the ward have a number of issues regarding litter, and James believes that the Council can take proactive measures to resolve this, and he has made this part of his Dunfermline Needs a Fix campaign.

James commented ‘Whenever I walk around some of Dunfermline’s wonderful parkland, I always find it frustrating when I see litter flying around. There are some great community initiatives to deal with this. However, despite the best intentions of the current council administration, they are not doing enough to tackle this blight on the local environment.’

‘I have had some interesting conversations with local residents, including some commenting that wind can blow over recycling bins which adds to this problem. I am a massive fan of recycling and I am sure there must be a way to make sure all recycling is recycled and not becoming part of the litter problem.’

‘If elected, I would campaign to both get this mess sorted out and also to properly deal with the culprits. Moreover, I would also work to have more public bins put in place in our parks, as this to me seems something basic that the Council could achieve with a minimal amount of spending.’

If there are any areas of Dunfermline South that you feel the Council could do more in, please contact James, he is available at:




Scottish Lib Dem Leader Willie Rennie with Dunfermline South Candidate James Calder

Scottish Lib Dem Leader Willie Rennie with Dunfermline South Candidate James Calder

Today the Scottish Liberal Democrats have unveiled a manifesto showing both the Party’s progress in Government and vision of the future. At a small gathering in South Queensferry, eschewing the pomp of other Parties, Willie Rennie, Jo Swinson and Mike Crockart unveiled the manifesto in a local business.

The Scottish Lib Dem Manifesto has prioritised making our country have a stronger economy in a fairer society, avoiding lurching too far to the left like Labour, or the right, like the Tories. It also promises to transfer more powers to Scotland without taking it too far like the SNP’s damaging policies, as well as providing free childcare for all two-years olds by 2020 and to fight climate change with five new green laws.

Willie Rennie, MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife, as well as Scottish Lib Dem leader, has commented, saying,

‘Liberal Democrats are driven by our ambition of creating opportunity for all. Our prospectus to the people of Scotland is proudly Liberal Democrat. Standing on the record of progress in government and vision of the future. In just five years we have got the economy back on track and done so fairly.  We are now closer to our ambition of creating opportunity for everyone.  But with wins for the Liberal Democrat in this election we can make it a decade of opportunity.’

‘With Liberal Democrats we can create opportunity for children by investing in education especially in the early years. With Liberal Democrats we can create opportunity for everyone by investing £800million in our NHS and bring mental health care to the fore. With Liberal Democrats we can create opportunity for workers by creating even more jobs and cutting their taxes too. With Liberal Democrats we can create opportunity for Scotland by delivering more powers to the Scottish Parliament.’

‘These are Liberal Democrat ambitions because they build a stronger economy and a fairer society, in a stronger Scotland. It is a positive offer to create a decade of opportunity for everyone in our country.’

You can read the Scottish Lib Dem Manifesto here.

profile pic retouchFor James Calder, the most important thing is to know what the people of Dunfermline South want. As a result, James has produced an online survey that residents can let him know what is important to them.


James commented ´In my opinion the most important thing for a local Councillor to do is to represent their constituents in Council. I would like to continuously engage with everyone in Dunfermline South to find out what is important to them. I have made this survey to find out what people would like and would encourage everyone in Dunfermline South to fill it in.


`If elected I would make a point of continuing this engagement.´


If you want to fill in the survey please go to

With the General Election a few weeks away, the eagerly awaited Liberal Democrat Manifesto has been launched. A manifesto with opportunity in its heart, this sets out Lib Dem Priorities over the next 5 years.

The manifesto has been welcomed by Dunfermline South Candidate and local acitivist James Calder, who declared ‘This provides a number of excellent reasons to vote Lib Dem. If we have another coalition, the Lib Dems will provide stability and keep it anchored in the centre ground, rather than letting the extremes in the Tories and Labour or the politics of grievance govern the UK.’

You can read the manifesto here.


James investigating a damaged pavement


Further to our last story on Dunfermline needing a fix, James has continued to campaign on the state of pavements in some areas of the Dunfermline South Ward.

James has mentioned ‘After discussing with various people living in the ward, I get the feeling that the state of the pavements is a serious concern for many. I know from personal experience that a close relative sustained an injury requiring a hospital visit because of this. Elderly people are at serious risk and I think we need to make sure that people’s safety is taken into account by the Council.’

‘I know Councillor Tony Martin has done some great work in campaigning for this and has got some areas of the Ward some desperately needed repairs. If elected I would work with Tony to campaign on getting more of this danger fixed!’

Is there a pavement damaged in your area? If so please either comment below or contact James through the following methods:



Twitter: @jCalderLibDem

GillianThe Dunfermline Liberal Democrats have selected Gillian Cole-Hamilton as their candidate for the General Election for Dunfermline.

Gillian’s background is working as a Primary School teacher and had also helped organise a convoy of educational aid to Kosovo while she was a student, asssisting Muslim children who were denied the right to education during the period of conflict there.

Gillian has declared ‘Having had a great history as a Liberal Democrat seat while Willie Rennie was the local MP, I am really excited to be standing for Dunfermline at the General Election. My priorities are to stand up for the people of Dunfermline and also to use my experience in education to campaign to make sure our children get the best teaching possible.’

DSC_0165 retouch

Over the past few years, it cannot escape anyone’s attention that Dunfermline has lost some of its character and vibrancy. This needs to be reversed.

There are far too many problems like dangerous pavements, which pose a serious safety risk for many, as well as potholes which left unchecked, could cost the Council more money in the long-terms as compensating for car repairs becomes inevitable.

James has mentioned ‘More needs to be done to make Dunfermline better. The town centre has become drab and there are far too many problems like potholes on the roads. We need Dunfermline to get the investment it deserves. A certain amount can be done through self-help measures, but these will be greatly assisted by Council investment. The floral displays are good, but more is needed.

Please comment below or contact James by his email ( if you have any suggestions or ideas on how the Council can make Dunfermline better. James would also like to know if you have any damage to your street and would be delighted to come and chat.

James with Councillor Tony Martin

James with Councillor Tony Martin

With both the Dunfermline South By-Election and the General Election Campaigns underway, things are getting very exciting.

James Calder, candidate for Dunfermline South, is pleased to announce he is preparing to deliver leaflets, and is asking supporters to help out any way they can.

If you are able to help James with deliveries, or would like a poster to display, please let him know at

If you have Twitter you can also follow both the campaigns of James and Dunfermline Lib Dems at @jCalderLibDem and @DunfLibDems

If you have Facebook you can like James’s page here
And you can also like Dunfermline Lib Dems here