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Shirley Williams and Willie Rennie chatting in Dunfermline

Shirley Williams and Willie Rennie chatting in Dunfermline

Liberal Democrat icon Shirley Williams came to Dunfermline on Saturday with Willie Rennie, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats in order to campaign to save the Union.

With polls showing the campaign is neck-on-neck, Shirley Williams and Willie Rennie came to Dunfermline High Street to talk to ordinary voters about why it is so important to save the union.

Local Liberal Democrat activist James Calder said “It was fantastic to have both Willie Rennie and Shirley Williams visit Dunfermline to talk to ordinary voters. The reception they received was great.

I lost count of all the “No Thanks” stickers people were asking for. At one point we ran out! It seems clear to me that for most ordinary people in Fife, the priorities are the economy, health, pensions and education, not separating ourselves from the rest of the UK!”

Willie Rennie later tweeted “Great to have Shirley Williams join the #LibDemNo team in Dunfermline this weekend. Wish I had her energy!”

Vote No Thanks this Thursday to build a stronger Scotland within the UK family.