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Joe Rosiejak - Lib Dem candidate for Dunfermline Central


Councillor Joe Rosiejak has welcomed the continuing development of the city chambers on the High Street, which has been recently re-opened.

Joe commented “It’s great to see the City Chambers finally being used. Once the scaffolding comes down, it will look fantastic. Gargoyles that used to be on Dunfermline Palace that are hundreds of years old have been discovered.

“I would like to see continued development of the town centre, and would like to see the open space being used for civic reasons. Staff are doing a great job in cleaning up Dunfermline, and if you see scaffolding and roadworks going,  something is being fixed.”

The Liberal Democrats in Government are working to build a stronger economy and fairer society. That’s why we’re cutting Income Tax Bills for millions of ordinary people.

Most taxpayers will be paying £600 less each year from April. With the Liberal Democrats in Government we are putting money back in the pockets of hard working ordinary people, offering a little help in tough times.

Official that the Lib Dems in Government are making the Income Tax system fairer by making those earning over £2 million pay 30% more tax and those earning £15,000 paying 30% less.

Now we are pleased to say yhat we are fulfilling our election promise to increase the personal allowance of tax to £10,000 and this is being done a year ahead of schedule. This has meant 2.7 million of the lowest paid workers not having to pay income tax at all, with the average family having their tax cut by a third.